Energy, Gravity, and Matter Interrelations

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Merriam-Webster's Full Definition of ENERGY

1 a : dynamic quality <narrative energy>

 b :  the capacity of acting or being active <intellectual energy>
 c :  a usually positive spiritual force <the energy flowing through all people>

2: vigorous exertion of power : effort <investing time and energy> 3: a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work 4: usable power (as heat or electricity); also : the resources for producing such power

A Proposed New Definition of Energy

  • A field of existence having finite boundaries, that are infinitely variable and exhibiting infinitely variable topology. The field occupies no more than 2 dimensions of space and has a constant entropic condition.

  • An energy field will exhibit polar properties due to its motion in space/time. Those properties are positive on the surface that is exposed to the direction of motion and negative on the surface that is opposite the direction of motion. These fields appear to exist always at right angles to the direction of propagation.
  • Entropic condition is caused by interactions between different energy fields and between energy fields and matter. These interactions are caused by the polar relationships of energy fields. Since all fields are constantly in motion, one will always exhibit the characteristic of repelling any other field that is directionally opposed to it.
  • Energy fields are always in motion relative to our perception of the universe, or we may be in motion relative to energy fields.

  • The topology of an energy field may have an almost infinite variety of configurations. A visual example would be to consider an impossibly thin sheet of plastic wrap. It is stretchable and can be shaped in a variety of ways, but it only has two surfaces and a finite boundary.
  • The behavior of all energy fields is that of a somewhat elastic surface that has infinite properties of flexibility.

A Proposed New Definition of Magnetics

  • Magnetic fields are the direct result of the movement of subspace energy fields through the aligned and polarized areas of all matter. This phenomenon is caused by the "lensing" effect of the aligned matter. The strength of the "lensing" effect is relative and proportional to the density of the matter and to the relative ordering of the atomic structures of the matter. These both can be caused by naturally occurring phenomenon or by the process of inducing the coherency of the matter via the application of electric fields to matter.

A Proposed New Definition of Gravity

  • Gravity is the phenomenon caused by the ordering of subspace energy fields. That ordering is primarily caused by the polar alignment of atomic structures, either by inducing the alignment via electric field application or by agglomeration and passage of time in such a fashion that the atomic structures of matter align themselves. Gravity is the primary result of the acceleration of subspace fields toward an accumulation of matter and its resulting magnetic fields or the result of an induced magnetic field i.e. as a electromagnetic field. The magnetic alignment acts as a lens to focus the subspace energy and thereby produces an output of photonic energy that we perceive as magnetic fields. This process includes the Earth's magnetic field with the resulting phenomenon we recognize as gravity. This process is self propagating throughout the entire universe.
  • An effect of this system is that the actual density of matter will proportionally create a more significant magnetic field and a vastly more significant lensing effect to produce the flow of subspace energy to the more ordered state of magnetic fields. This has the effect of causing a greater gravity well in the presence of greater or more dense masses of matter.

A Proposed New range of the Interrelations of these 3 Areas


One of the primary things to note regarding subspace energy fields is that there seem to be 4 primary geometric dispositions of these fields and each is a differential of the first order field. Those are delineated below:

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