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Dispute resolution requests provides a central compilation of and an easy-access overview for PhysicsWiki:Dispute resolution (PW:DR), and details the various different methods used at each of the PhysicsWiki PW:DR requests pages

Dispute Resolution Requests

Third opinion

Dispute resolution noticeboard

Formal mediation

Third opinion Dispute resolution noticeboard Formal mediation
For content disputes between two editors - receive an outside opinion. Informal noticeboard used as a first step in solving content issues, occasionally refers issues elsewhere. Provides formal mediation to assist in the resolution of content disputes.


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Requests for comment Arbitration Specialised noticeboards
A way to get outside input on issues from a broad amount of users. Last resort for conduct issues when all other avenues are exhausted, issues binding rulings. Ask questions and request assistance from people who are familiar with the policies and guidelines covered by each individual board
Unsure which one to use? Check out our guide to dispute resolution, or ask at the talk page.